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Alcohol Rehab Altoona

Alcohol rehab is one of the best places an alcoholic can seek help for their addiction. While you might be under the impression that alcohol rehab is something for “other” people, the truth is that any addict can benefit from a personalized treatment plan and therapy. Beating an addiction can often seem overwhelming or even hopeless, but alcohol rehab centers are designed to help break even the strongest addiction. If you or someone you love is facing an addiction, it’s time to consider meeting with someone from an alcohol rehab center. You’ll be able to discover exactly how a recovery center can help improve your lifestyle and overcome your addiction.

Most centers utilize a combination of therapy and medication to help addicts move forward. Medical professionals will work together to create a treatment plan perfectly designed to help each specific addict seek recovery in a timely fashion. In addition to focusing on stopping the addiction, therapy will typically include relapse prevention techniques designed to help the addict once he or she returns home.

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Alcoholism: What You Need to Know

Alcoholism is the cause of hundreds of fatal auto accidents and deaths each year in the United States. Despite this, many people believe that drinking isn’t harmful or is less harmful than drug use. This is a common misconception and falsehood.

It’s not a new or isolated problem; however, many addicts feel they are alone. They might struggle to tell their friends or family. They might even struggle to be honest with themselves. One of the first symptoms is justifying the behavior. The addict might come up with excuses for their behavior.

Once an addiction has formed, an addict might begin to pull away from others in social situations. He or she might avoid going to company parties, skip out on family events or even stop attending classes. An addict will typically spend a lot of time thinking about drinking and focusing on how to get their next fix. Alcoholics tend to keep liquor close by and may hide it in their homes, vehicles or offices.

A great number of people with addictions to drugs or alcohol also have secondary addiction. These are addictions that co-exist, along with the primary addiction. This can include conditions such as eating disorders, gambling, sexual addiction or binge spending.

Alcoholism VS Abuse: What’s the Difference?

Someone might abuse alcohol without being addicted; however, heavy alcohol use can lead to addiction. Because of this, it’s important to be cautious in your drinking habits. Many alcoholics begin drinking liquor socially. They might have a few drinks at an office party or on the weekend. Over time, the individual might begin drinking more frequently and in greater amounts. This is one of the first warning signs of addiction.

When someone is an alcoholic, they are unable to stop drinking. Not only are they mentally addicted to alcohol, but they are physically addicted, as well. They might feel sick or nauseous if they try to stop drinking. They might even experience cravings or mood swings. Many addicts do try to stop drinking on their own; however, these efforts are often unsuccessful, which can lead to feelings of depression and worthlessness.

The Physical Toll of Alcoholism

While facing the possibility of rehab might be scary, understand that alcoholism has drastic physical side effects. In addition to causing liver damage, alcoholism also puts addicts at an increased risk of developing cancer. This includes liver, breast and colon cancer. Prolonged alcoholism can also cause nerve and brain damage which is often irreversible.

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