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Drug Treatment Altoona

Drug addiction is something that affects not only the addict, but the people around them, as well. Unfortunately, many addicts avoid seeking drug treatment and don’t realize just how important this truly is. In order to recover from an addiction, an addict needs the support and assistance of professional counselors and therapists. The right drug treatment program will work to break the addiction, but will also assist the addict by giving him or her the skills necessary to avoid relapse.

Seeking assistance for a drug addiction at a drug treatment center does not mean that you have failed. Unfortunately, many addicts are scared to contact a drug treatment center and somehow believe this will make the people around them disappointed. In actuality, seeking assistance for your addiction is one of the best decisions you could possibly make.

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What is an addiction?

An addiction is anything you do or use that you can’t stop. Typically, addictions begin slowly. You might start drinking socially with friends, for example. Maybe you’ll enjoy one or two drinks on the weekends. Then you start drinking during the week. Slowly, you find that you’re drinking not only socially, but when you’re stressed out or anxious. Eventually, you may find that you’re drinking daily and that even when you don’t want to drink, you feel compelled to.

Addictions, when left unchecked, can completely overtake your life. You may find that you’re no longer interested in pursuing your favorite hobbies or that you can’t bring yourself to go to work. You might start fighting with your friends or loved ones about your drinking or drug habits. You might even begin to feel completely isolated, which leads you to use the substance even more.

What are treatment options for an addiction?

With any addiction, seeking treatment is key. If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction, it’s important to seek help as quickly as possible. Many addicts fail to seek help for their problem because they’re embarrassed, afraid of getting arrested, scared of the cost or simply aren’t sure if they’re ready to give up their addiction. Understand that no matter what you’re addicted to, addiction has many long-term social and physical consequences, including liver problems and an increased risk of developing cancer.

For many addicts, attending a 12-Step program can help. You might be familiar with this style of program, as it’s used by Alcoholics Anonymous. Other addiction groups also use similar programs since the process of moving through each step offers a valuable way to break the chains of addiction. If you choose to join this type of program, you’ll typically meet at least once a week to discuss your progress with the group. You may also be assigned a sponsor who can work with you individually to help you move through the progress.

Another option for drug treatment is to enter a rehab or recovery program. This is an intense option for addiction recovery, but is quite often successful. During a drug treatment recovery program, you’ll typically stay at the recovery center and focus all of your attention on getting better. You’ll attend group therapy sessions, participate in art or music therapy and will meet individually with a psychologist or therapist to discuss your progress. Another important aspect of rehab is behavioral therapy, which focuses on helping you to identify triggers that lead to substance abuse in your life. Your counselors will work with you to help you avoid triggers and to respond appropriately when you do find yourself in a situation where you’re tempted to use.

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