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Family Addiction Treatment Altoona

Maybe you suspected that your loved one had an addiction. Maybe you were caught completely off guard. You might have even wrestled with the admission, trying to believe that it was a mistake. Unfortunately, addiction is something that can completely devastate families. This is why it’s important to seek family addiction treatment if someone you love has a dependence.

Family addiction treatment is sometimes called family therapy. This form of therapy is designed to help family members grow closer together. Regardless of who is struggling with the addiction, family addiction treatment will help you communicate more openly and better understand each other. While many families are hesitant to seek help, the truth is that therapy can restore your broken relationships and help your family grow closer together.

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Family Life and Addiction

If your family member has struggled with addiction for some time, you probably understand exactly how devastating this can be. While dependence ravages the life of the addict, it also affects the people around him or her. One key element of addiction, for example, is that the addict withdrawals from social situations. Because of this, an addict might miss important family events, such as birthday parties and holiday celebrations.

Addicts often suffer from an additional disorder, such as a mental health disorder. If the addict in your family is also struggling with an eating disorder or depression, for example, he or she may find it even harder to manage their dependence. Sometimes someone with depression might feel so overwhelmed with their life that they turn to drinking. This, in turn, leads to feelings of worthlessness. While you probably think the world of your relative, their dependence can make having a relationship quite challenging.

Unfortunately, dependence can also be quite expensive. If you have a shared bank account, you might be feeling the financial repercussions of your loved one’s addiction. While an addict doesn’t intentionally mean to hurt his family, he or she may feel unable to stop the dependence and will use any money possible to continue funding the habit.

Family Members and Treatment

Treatment is an important part of recovery for addicts. If your son, daughter, spouse or parent is facing an addiction, chances are that it’s affecting all of you. When your loved one goes through recovery and gets sober, he or she is going to change dramatically. Treatment is one of the best ways you can help your entire family to move forward and heal from the trauma of your family member’s addiction.

What to Expect in Therapy

Treatment might seem like something that’s meant for “other” people, but the truth is that any family can use help when they’re struggling. You’ll learn a number of techniques for coping with your family’s member addiction. Therapy will also help you learn how to better communicate.

Unfortunately, you might be experiencing a wide range of emotions as your family member goes through detox and recovery. You might feel tricked or lied to. You might feel violated. You might even feel betrayed. Family therapy will help you learn to cope with this in a healthy and productive way. It might be easy to lash out at your loved one because you feel hurt, but it’s important to learn how to communicate in a healthy way. Family therapy will focus on helping you learn how to better express yourself with your family members so that you can all grow closer together.

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