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Medical Detox Altoona

Do you suspect that you have a drug or alcohol problem? Have you tried unsuccessfully to quit? Are you feeling lost and alone? Do you think you’ll never be able to break free from your substance addiction? Medical detox could be the solution.

Unlike traditional rehab and recovery, medical detox focuses solely on helping you get off of the substance you’re addicted to. You won’t be focusing on learning coping mechanisms or how to improve your life. You’ll simply be ending your addiction before you begin your recovery journey. The goal of medical detox is to help you safely come down off the drugs that are raging throughout your body.

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The Importance of Detoxing Professionally

While many addicts try to detox at home, this can actually be quite dangerous. It’s important to utilize a medical detox center for this part of your recovery. When you are addicted to a substance, regardless of what it is, your body becomes physically dependent on it. Stopping or limiting the amount of substance you ingest will actually cause your body to experience withdrawals.

Withdrawal symptoms can be as minor as a headache or as extreme as heart problems. For many addicts, the pain and discomfort associated with withdrawal often leads to an emotional breakdown where the addict will use the substance again simply to get relief. Unfortunately, trying to get sober and failing can be incredibly devastating and lead to feelings of worthlessness and depression.

Medical detox is different from simply going “cold turkey” at home. While you might still stop taking the drug at once, your medical care giver will oversee the process. He or she will monitor you to ensure that you are safe, hydrated and fed throughout the process. You may also be given medication to help ease your discomfort. While you’ll still feel the pain of withdrawal, certain medication can help reduce your pain and minimize your cravings.

Common Withdrawal Symptoms

There are many common withdrawal symptoms for drug and alcohol addiction. These withdrawal symptoms include shaking, nightmares, insomnia, sweats and anxiety. When you first begin to detox from the drug, you may feel irritable and annoyed with the people around you. Even though you know they’re trying to help, you may become agitated.

More intense withdrawal symptoms vary based on the type of substance abused. Meth withdrawal, for example, can include paranoia, psychosis, depression and increased appetite. This makes it even more important to seek professional assistance during detox at a medical treatment facility. The monitoring physician will be able to ensure that you are able to come down as smoothly as possible and that you do not cause harm to yourself or others.

The Aftermath

Once you’ve completed the detox process, you’ll typically enter a recovery center or rehab program. These types of programs are designed to help you fully recover from your addiction. While you might be off the drug, you’ll still be tempted to use it. A recovery center will help you learn to manage these cravings using a combination of medication and therapy.

No matter what type of addiction you’re suffering from, consider meeting with a medical detox professional today. If you aren’t sure if you’re really addicted or that a detox center is right for you, your best option is to discuss it with a professional. He or she will be able to guide you through the process and to encourage you along the way. You’ll learn what you can expect during detox, as well as what your recovery treatment plan will look like once you’ve stopped using the substance.

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