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Prescription Drug Abuse Altoona

Prescription drug abuse might be the last thing on your mind when you think of addiction, yet this is a growing problem among both teens and adults. One of the key issues with prescription drug abuse specifically is that the addict may have originally started using the drug for a legitimate medical problem. This sometimes make drug abuse difficult to identify. Unfortunately, addictions often start slowly and prescription drug abuse can quickly spiral into a full-blown addiction before the user realizes exactly what’s happening.

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Prescription Abuse: What Exactly Is It?

Simply put, prescription drug abuse occurs when an individual uses a medication for something other than its intended purpose. For example, someone might be given a prescription for OxyContin after a surgical procedure. This medication can offer pain relief after a difficult medical operation. Over time, however, the patient might begin to take higher doses of the medication than his or her doctor originally prescribed. The patient might also begin to take the medication to cope with emotional stress: not just physical pain.

While pain medication does make up a large percentage of abused narcotics, prescription drug abuse is not limited to painkillers. It is not uncommon for patients to abuse muscle relaxers, which can offer feelings of euphoria. Some adults also misuse stimulants, such as ADHD medication, as a way to feel more energized or to perform better at work.

Which drugs are commonly abused?

Typically, drugs that reduce pain or create feelings of calmness are abused. This includes morphine, Codeine and Vicodin. OxyContin is also a commonly abused drug, which is why physicians are cautious before prescribing this medication. While each of these drugs can be beneficial when used correctly, they also carry a high addiction risk.

What are the treatment options for an addiction?

Once you realize that you have a prescription abuse problem, it is vital that you seek immediate medical assistance at a detox or recovery center. While breaking your addiction will be difficult, the right team of medical professionals can help you experience a much smoother transition into sobriety.

One of the first things your medical caregivers will do is create a treatment plan for you specifically. This will include inpatient or outpatient treatment at a rehab facility, along with therapy guidelines for your recovery. You will typically participate in several types of therapy designed to help you break your addiction and learn to prevent relapse at the same time.

Behavioral therapy or behavior modification is one technique your psychiatrists will probably utilize. During behavioral therapy, you’ll learn how to set aside your bad habits and replace them with good ones. This type of therapy focuses on identifying what might cause you to relapse and to learn how to avoid that through new behavioral patterns. This can include positive thinking, exercise, new hobbies and even seeking support from a friend when you feel like you’re going to break down.

What are the health risks of prescription addiction?

While many addicts feel like prescription drug abuse is less damaging than illicit drug abuse, the truth is that prescription medication carries its own risk. Individuals who abuse prescription medication will experience a range of side effects. This can include organ damage and failure, cravings, decreased cognitive abilities and withdrawal symptoms. If you begin to experience any of these side effects, it is even more important that you seek medical treatment at a detox facility.

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