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Recovery Programs Altoona

The right recovery programs can truly make a difference in the life of any addict. Whether you have been struggling with your addiction for years or you’ve only recently started to face addiction, recovery programs are designed to help. Recovery programs vary in style and length, but the end goal is the same: to break your addiction and help you live a normal life. With any recovery program, personalized treatment is key.

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What are recovery programs?

When you’re facing an addiction, chances are that you feel isolated and alone. You might feel like you’re the only person who has ever struggled with what you’re facing. You might even feel like no one could possibly understand what you’re going through. Because addicts often believe they have to face their addiction on their own, they are hesitant to seek help. This is where a recovery program comes in.

Recovery centers are designed to help any addict break their addiction. Typically, addicts will enter a detox center to stop using a drug prior to entering a rehab facility. A detox center offers the chance to safely stop using alcohol or drugs. Unfortunately, once you’re addicted to something, your body can experience painful withdrawals when you try to stop using. Because of this, it’s important to utilize the services of a detox center.

Once you’ve finished detox, you’ll enter a recovery program. These programs often include 12-step guidelines to help you revamp your life. You’ll focus on breaking your addiction, curbing your cravings, becoming a better person and learning how to communicate your feelings. Many addicts find that they’re tempted to return to using drugs or alcohol after their time at recovery is finished, so you’ll typically learn several relapse prevention skills, as well.

What kind of therapy happens at a recovery center?

When you’re facing an addiction, it’s important that your medical team create a personalized treatment plan. Each addict and addiction is different. If you’re facing a mental illness, as well, your treatment plan will be even more specialized. Understand that while you’re going through your program, your caregivers will constantly evaluate and reevaluate your plan to make sure it’s appropriate for what you’re going through and that you’re making progress with the way things are set up. Typically, you’ll participate in several activities each day. This might include art therapy, group therapy and individual counseling sessions.

With art therapy, you’ll have a chance to draw, paint and work with your hands. Even if you aren’t naturally artistic, having the chance to express yourself without words can be a huge relief. Many addicts struggle to put their feelings into words, so you may find that art therapy helps you relax and relieve tension in a healthy way.

Group sessions are something many addicts look forward to. One of the primary benefits of group therapy is that you’ll be able to speak with people in different stages of recovery. You’ll gain encouragement from the people who are further along in their treatment plans than you, but you’ll also be able to encourage newer patients, as well.

Finally, almost all recovery programs include some sort of individual counseling. This is where you’ll work on identifying the triggers that lead to you using drugs or alcohol. You’ll talk about trauma you have experienced and you’ll learn to form good, positive habits to replace your addiction. One of the best parts about individual therapy is that you’ll work one-on-one with a psychiatrist who truly wants to help you recover.

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